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VSP UK Provider Network Frequently Asked Questions

  Question  Response
  What does it cost to join the   VSP network?  Nothing, membership is free. There is no risk and nothing to lose.
  What is required to join?  The requirements are:
  1. Provide discounts and benefits to VSP members as follows:
  • 20% discount on eye examination, frames and lenses if member's plan specifies;
  • 15% discount on contact lens exam (fitting and evaluation only)
  1. Accept fixed fees as payment in full for exam and materials if member's plan requires.
  1. Bill VSP directly for patient's covered benefit amount using our easy online system, VSP Connex.
  Why must I offer   discounts?  Discounts are necessary in order to provide patients value and compete with retailers and   online sellers. Employers choose vision service carriers that offer their employees
  high value and quality care; a quality eye care network offers value to employees and helps   us win employer contracts. In return for providing discounts, you'll be a preferred provider for   all of VSP's clients.
  What are fixed fees?  Fixed fee pricing means that a patient is guaranteed pricing for a service or material that will   not exceed an agreed upon amount. When contracts require this type of agreement, the fixed   fee amount will be representative of the current market conditions.
  What's the catch?  There's no catch. Just agree to provide the discounts. That's it. There is no fee to join, and   you can easily leave the network if you change your mind. There is nothing to lose and   everything to gain.
  Does VSP offer employers   a VDU programme?  Yes, VSP makes it easy for clients to meet their regulatory requirement to provide vision care   for Video Display Unit (VDU) users. And we make it easy for you. VSP members will come to   you with money to spend on an eye examination and/or spectacles. Just provide the services   and bill VSP.
  Will VSP tell me how to run   my business?  Absolutely not. By joining our network, you are agreeing to provide discounts according the   terms of the contract. That's it. We would never presume to tell you how to run your business.   Our goal is to drive patients to your business.
  Will I be required to   dispense certain frame   brands or lenses to   patients?  You can dispense any frame brand and lenses you and your patient want. However,
  because frame and lens distributors are part of VSP Global companies, you will enjoy better   pricing on certain frame and lens brands and a £5 incentive for every Marchon frame you   dispense. This is just an added benefit you'll receive as part of the VSP network.
  When will I start seeing   VSP patients?  VSP has just started doing business in the UK, but we already have a number of covered   members.

  We're not promising a flood of patients straight away. It's going to be gradual as we work to   secure new clients. However, the larger the optometry network, the more clients are   interested, so it's important that we have a network in place and ready for the patient   referrals.
  What if the VSP member   you refer is already a   patient in my practice?   Then I'll have to give   discounts I didn't have to   give previously.  Yes, but now that your patient has VSP coverage, you'll see greater customer loyalty and   satisfaction to ensure your patients return year after year and refer you to their friends, family   and co-workers. The VSP covered patient will also have an allowance to spend in your office   which may result in more purchases.
  What if I no longer want to   participate?  You may discontinue your participation at any time. We only ask that you give us 90 days'   notice so that we can remove you from all of our clients' preferred provider listings and the   VSP website directory.

As a champion of private-practice optometry for 60 years, VSP has the expertise and resources to help you grow your practice. We hope you will give our network a try, you have nothing to lose.

Learn more or sign up now at vsp-uk.co.uk.